What is the purpose of deck-fiddler?

Deck-fiddler allows deck of cards experimentations by executing sequences of simple instructions. You can easily simulate actions against a deck and analyze the intermediate and final states.

Deck-fiddler understands a very simplistic language that can be used by everybody, no IT skills are required. You just need to go to the script tab, write or paste some instructions, push the play button then observe the results.

Deck-fiddler scripts can be published and are available thru the dashboard.

Deck-fiddler is currently being developed, if you find bugs, feel free to contact me.

Deck-fiddler is completely free but you can consider a donation and help me continue to bring you future improvements if you enjoy it!

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{{main.title | capitalize }}

Write a new script from scratch Save the current script Go to the previous version of this script
Play the current script

Dashboard - latest scripts

Whispering Queens

2017-08-04 15:01:09


How to use the while statement?

2016-09-26 15:55:50


The flip command

2016-09-25 00:13:17


Variables experimentations

2016-09-24 11:00:03


Mnemonica - Select Card - Riffle Shuffle

2016-09-23 13:32:41


Available commands


{{dump.caption | capitalize}} - {{dump.source | capitalize}} ({{dump.deck.cards.length}} cards)

{{main.currentStack}} indexes displayed
display ordering indexes flipped cards
Replay the current script
{{$index+1}} {{-dump.deck.cards.length+$index}} {{main.getStackIndex(value)+1}} {{value}}
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